What to Avoid when Shopping

DO NOT BUY PRINT REPLICAS. There are plus size dresses and affordable options these days. Replicas are a waste of your money. Moreso, the community is very good at spotting replicas, and calling people out about it online. If you do accidentally wind up with a replica, the best practice is to use that fabric to make your own accessories or other sewing projects to clearly distinguish it from the original that was replicated. Here are some blog posts about replicas: one, two.

Design replicas, particularly shoes and purses, are more accepted, but it is better to support original designs if you chose to not buy Brand shoes and bags.

Do not buy from Milanoo or any Milanoo clone sites such as Lolitain. These sites sell low quality replicas and are a waste of your money. Here is a blog post on this subject.

If you are starting out, DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON, EBAY, OR WISH! Especially main pieces. Shoes, bags, wigs, other accessories may be okay but PLEASE ask a more experienced lolita first to make sure you are getting something that is decent quality. Hot Topic and Dollskill are also not lolita. The dress you found at Target or a thrift store is not lolita (99/100 times), and if you are new to wearing this fashion, it is unlikely that you will be the 1 out of 100 who found the Knox Rose Totally Loliable Dress.

It is highly recommended to not buy from Devilinspired, as they are extremely overpriced compared to other resellers (Lor is sponsored by Devilinspired so consider that when she reviews things from them). That said, they are not a scam and you will most likely receive what you order.

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