How to get started!

First, it is a good idea to read the old lolita guides that were posted online.

Before, the lolita community was primarily on LiveJournal, but today it is primarily on Facebook. Here are some Facedbook groups that can give help and advice. Many of these groups have a survey for you to fill out to make sure you are legitimately interested in the fashion and not a creep trying to lurk. However, it is generally good etiquette to lurk a little bit in Facebook groups before making posts. This way, you may see someone else has already asked a question that you have.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of lolita fashion groups on Facebook, but a good place for newbies to start.

There are also three lolita fashion subreddits, /r/lolita, /r/lolitafashion and /r/lolitacommunity. /r/lolita is the most active subreddit, but all three are worth checking out.The caveat to the lolita subreddits is that there is no barrier from keeping non-lolitas out of the subreddit, and so a coordinate may be objectively incorrect for lolita fashion, but there could be 7 comments from random redditors saying that it is "very kawaii", so take things with a grain of salt.

Lolibrary is an online database with the goal of recording all lolita items, their sizes, colorways and when they were released. This is a great place to look at older releases from a brand, or to find all the cat dresses that have ever been released. It does not have every release.

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