Chinese Indie Lolita Shops on Taobao

There are a lot of affordable Chinese lolita shops on Taobao. There are several resellers you can use to buy goods (such as ClobbaOnline, GLitzyWonderland, My Lolita Dress or Lolita Wardrobe). Or you can buy from Taobao shops yourself using a shopping service, or even buy from Taobao yourself.

Taobao Guides

Here are some more in-depth guides on how to use Taobao and Shopping Services

Taobao Shopping Services

Shopping Services act as an address for shops to send their items to so that you can order from many shops and then consolidate into one package to ship overseas to you. Several of these services will also check your orders before you order to ensure you want the correct item or let you know if the shop is requiring anything special, and will check your items once they arrive to make sure they are in good shape. Shopping Services also communicate with the original shop on your behalf if you cannot communicate in Chinese. They do charge a fee for this, but it is cheaper than going through a reseller.

Taobao Shops with International Websites

Some Taobao shops also have International Shops. When using these shops, it is good to cross check the original Taobao shop to see how different the prices are.

Taobao Shop Lists

There are too many Lolita shops on Taobao to list them all on this page. Listed are spreadsheets with shop lists.

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Updated May 8, 2020