Lolita Quiz

The lolita fashion discord I am in put together a list of questions, and this is where I am putting the answers to share.

.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*..✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.General Questions.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*..✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.

When did you first see lolita?

I do not remember.  It must have been the early 2000s from Gaia Online.  I was recently inspired to go look at my old old journal entries from Gaia's Journals to see when I first mentioned lolita fashion.  July 2005, I made an entry about the G-LOL set of goth lolita items being released and whining that they were too expensive (back in 2005, 13000 gold was a lot, ok???).  This is a decent reflection of me thinking I could not afford to wear lolita until I actually bought my first item in late 2015.

What is your favourite lolita memory?

Last year, I stayed up til ?? am to try to buy Meta's Magical Artefacts JSK in green, and missed it.  My friend told me to try using the "Inquiry" option in case Meta was able to find extras in the shop or if there is a cancelled order or something.  A few days later, Meta messaged me, saying they had a JSK reserved for me and here is the payment link, so I immediately paid.  I told my friend about it later and it turns out they had gone to her first, but she turned down the JSK (I think she ended up going for a different colorway) so the JSK was passed on to me.  I love this memory because she indirectly helped me get this dress.

Have you had any dreams about lolita?

I can think of three.  One dream being around 2014 where I had a gorgeous all-red lolita dress. I don't know what prompted this dream since at the time, I wasn't really thinking about lolita fashion.  Some more recent dreams were where I found some really old Angelic Pretty in my closet and wondering "why did I buy this, I was never able to fit into this??!?" and a dream where I bought Violet Fane's The Funeral (which is part of why I just bought it when it was re-released).

What is the strangest thing you have done in lolita?

When we first moved out to Portland, Oregon, we had to go to Walmart to buy some dishes.  However, since we were still new in town, we got really lost.  I was wearing my AP Aquarium Carnival OP that day.

Do you match your room with your aesthetic?

I would love to, but right now my bedroom is too small and shared with my boyfriend.  Someday when I have a house, I'd like to have my own office where I keep my wardrobe and make it very cute and aesthetic.

Is there such thing as a lolita “lifestyle”?

There is the stereotypical "lolita lifestyle" of living in a cute and elegant home where you eat cute and elegant food in dainty bites and sip tea, and have cute and elegant hobbies like embroidery, reading literature and playing violin.  I guess this stereotype only applies to sweet and classic lolitas (gothic lolita lifestyle stereotype is surely different).  I am not entirely sure people really do this.  Can someone really put on this act 100% of the time? Even when someone is sick or had a bad day or miss out on their dream dress? It seems like a lot of effort, thought there might be people out there who are genuinely like this.  Maybe a lolita lifestyle is just living your life while wearing lolita.

I know some people like to refer to wearing lolita as their everyday wardrobe as "lifestyle lolita", which I think is fine.

Do you listen to "lolita music"?

What actually entails "lolita music" though?  When I first discovered Moon Kana, I tried to listen to her music but I couldn't deal with it.  I also tried to listen to Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Moi and Gackt over the years, but just didn't really get into it.  I like Kanon Wakeshima's older music (Still Doll album, World's End, Girl's Rondo single).  Anna Tsuchiya released some music during the 2000s that I was really a fan of. Can't remember all the artists involved, but the music from the Nana anime and live action movie were pretty amazing.  I feel like Glamorous Days (Mika Nakashima) has to be a sort of lolita anthem, since it mentions "rocking shoes" which I take to refer to rocking horse shoes.  I associate Tommy Heavenly6/February6 with lolita as well, but that is likely due to her doing the theme to Paradise Kiss way back in the day.  I like some Ali Project songs, and they are were often featured in the old GLBs.

However, right now I just listen to video game soundtracks or Love Live music because I am a mess.  I did have a stint recently where I listened to Mayu Maeshima on repeat, but not sure any of that counts.

What is your worst lolita memory?

I'm just going to say the entire second half of 2019.

If you could make any lolita brand could do a collab with any brand, what would that collab be?

As a young weeb, I wanted a Sailormoon collab with some brand, however both Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright did Sailormoon collabs somewhat recently, and they were both unimpressive.  Right now, I am not sure there is a particular well known brand I'd want to do a collab with a lolita brand.  Maybe a collab between a lolita brand and indie lolita artists to make new prints that we haven't see before.

What sort of lolita advice would you give to your younger self?

To me from 2013-2014-ish when I re-discovered lolita due to being on tumblr: JUST GO FOR IT.  You can afford it, you can find something that you can fit into.  Don't waste your time and money trying to diy things.  Don't be scared that lolitas are all meanies, because they aren't.

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