What is your dream piece?

Right now, I just want some nice solid JSKs that are in my size and come in all of the colors. Particularly on the hunt for a wine red and black solid JSK.

Where do you buy most of your wardrobe from? (i e: lacemarket, direct from brands, etc)

I have bought all of my wardrobe new from indie shops and brand. I have heard too many horror stories about shopping secondhand.

What was your best purchase?

The first pair of Sosic Shop heart tea parties. I was so excited that they were comfortable and I have still not shut up about how this is my favorite shoe store.

What was your worst purchasing experience?

It's not really that bad, but when I ordered AP Fleur Cat, I also ordered the cat ear headband. A few days later, AP mailed me to say they accidentally oversold the headbands so I would get a refund instead. This is fate because before that, I would talk about how cat ear headbands were lame and ita.

What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?

I try to not think too hard about how much I spend. I'd say my current order of Royal Crown Berry from AP Paris is the most I have paid.

What's the best bargain brand that you own?

Angelic Pretty used to have special sets that were around $150. $150 for BRAND?!?!? Amazing. This is much rarer now than it was in 2016.

What is the most interesting way you've acquired a piece in your wardrobe?

...this is just my Meta Magical Artefacts story again.

Have you ever bought used socks?

Hell no.

What is a dress that you're searching for, but have never seen again since release?

I never see AP's Sky Banquet from 2018 and am very sore I missed it. I see Sweet Lacy Basket every so often, but am also sad I missed it.

Has your coord ever been ruined by an incorrect stock picture, either in product itself or in colour?

Nah, I try to not coord things until I have a piece in my hands.

What is something you regret buying?

Something I learned early on, even before buying my first piece, was that Fanplusfriend was wacky as hell. That said, my very first pieces were from Fanplusfriend. First two pieces (Musical Palmer and Enchanted Forest) were great. Second two pieces (Chiffon Lover JSKs in lavender and sax) were also great. Third two pieces were from the Puck's Prank series- the OP which looked like a JSK and is pretty simple, and the "JSK" which has always been kind of weird to coord. One of the shoulders is very decorative. There is really freaking weird corset lacing/waist ties. There was a cute but bizarre fairy petal overskirt. I wore it once for Halloween, and a few other times to meets before finally trying (and failing) to sell. It's just bizarre and looking back, I should have just bought the regular OP in both colorways instead.

Have you ever bought a dress you knew a friend or comm member wanted to buy?

I bought Strawberry Doll with the intention of twinning with someone but it didn't work out. The dress itself is pretty great though and has led me down the road of wanting fruit prints in the black colorway.


Favorite brand?

My closet says Angelic Pretty, me being comfy says Little Dipper, my feet say Sosic Shop and my brain says Metamorphose.

Whats your favorite color combination?

I wear a lot of pink and white, but as mentioned above, I am really liking the combination of red and black (especially when that red is in the shape of fruit).

Do you focus on making your wardrobe cohesive?

Not when I started, and even now, if there is a piece I really like, I will get it anyway.

Who were your biggest non-celebrity lolita influences? (that is, someone who influenced your style but is not a youtuber, model, artist, etc.)

I'm not sure.

Do you let social media influence your coord decision?

I do get ideas from how other people coord things on instagram, or sometimes I will see someone else wear a dress I own and that will make me want to wear the same dress :p I also try to pay attention to how other lolitas without bangs do their hair.

What drew you to the substyles you wear?

Right now I wear sweet and classic lolita. I was initially drawn to sweet lolita because I love pastels and cute patterns, though I have always sort of toned it down because I don't want to be too flashy. I am gradually wearing more and more classic lolita because I just love florals and I love things that are easy to wear.

What is a substyle you wouldn't wear?

Wa, Qi or Ero lolita. I know that lolita fashion isn't cultural appropriation, but it just feels so weird for me (a very white person) to wear wa or qi lolita. I would not want to wear ero lolita because I am very modest and shy about showing off. I don't hate these substyles, they are just not for me.

What fashion were you involved in before you started wearing lolita? Did it influence your styling choices?

Normie-kei (jeans and t-shirts :p). I am one of those people who gets complained about for not being fashionable outside of lolita, though now I am moving away from wearing jeans.

How has your style change from when you first started wearing lolita to now?

When I first started, I wanted to be a sweet lolita - sweets and flowers and cats and all the cutesy stuff. However, I think the entire time, I was wearing it in a very toned down, almost classic way, so I am embracing that more now. I am also moving very very slowly towards gothic as well. There are some other lolitas online who wear classic and gothic and look just SO amazing and I want to be cute like them.

What is your go-to coord?

If I had to dress up tomorrow in a pinch, I would probably throw on a white blouse, one of my Little Dipper JSKs, white legwear of some type (check the weather first) and then pink or brown tea party shoes. And then figure out headwear, since that is a weak point for me.

What would you say is your most experimental coord?

Every time I try to coord pastel with black in an experiment that I feel like goes horribly wrong, but I keep trying it again. Sometimes I just get tired of using my white blouses for everything but don't have very many main pieces that go with black.

What's the weirdest or most unconventional thing you've used as inspiration for a coord?

I am pretty boring and I don't think I've had any particular inspirations for a coord other than "hm I want to wear X dress today" or "I think X dress would fit well with the theme of this meet/event". Usually it is the first.

What's a lolita style you'd like to wear but are otherwise to scared or broke to try?

I'm not too scared to try wearing gothic lolita, but I am too broke to start right away. I am slowly working on it.

Have you expanded your interest in other J-fashion outside of lolita?

I want to wear mori-kei, but it doesn't have the rules that lolita has, nor are there many specifically "mori" brands still around for me to get ideas from, so it's more difficult for me. I'm also beginning to be more interested in Pink House and Axes Femme style.


What is the most popular brand in your wardrobe?

Burando wise, Angelic Pretty. Indie wise, Fanplusfriend or Little Dipper (do I count blouses?)

What are the most common motifs in your wardrobe?

I love rose prints so much, but I want to get other florals as well. I am also a fan of cat prints.

What are some of your dream print ideas?

Cat (not just a white cat) plus flower (not just roses, but roses are okay too). Honestly right now, I pay more attention to the cuts of dresses rather than the print.

What is your favourite accessory?

In everyday life, I am bad at accessories so I kind of struggle with accessories in lolita as well. I have made some necklaces to wear with lolita and try to remember to buy more (so I wear more). I also want more rings as well.

What is your favourite type of headpiece to wear in lolita?

I mentioned before that headwear is a weakness for me. I had a phase where I made a bunch of flower clips to wear because I thought that was the only thing that looked good. I want to get some more plain headbows that I can mix and match easily with dresses for more casual looks. I like the headbows from Angelic Pretty but I think some of them are too vertical and look weird on me. The headbows that lay flat are my favorite. I also like bow clips, but I have to think harder on how to stick them on my head.

Other than a petticoat, what is an item that every lolita must own?

In terms of items that are distinctly lolita, a DECENT parasol (none of those tiny lace parasols from party stores!!) In terms of things that newbies need to have driven into their heads to polish off a look, good lolita-aesthetic shoes.

What's your favorite off-brand or indie piece?

Have I raved enough about Little Dipper yet? In that case, I really love the Lily of the Valley Mycologist's Notebook print. I was able to buy the Paradiso exclusive JSK in ivory last year, and it is so gorgeous. The lace details are excellent, and while I'd heard the print runs a little on the green colorway, I haven't had that experience so far.

Do you own more gold or silver jewelry?

I think it's a fairly even mix.

What is one lolita "rule" that you like to break?

It's not so much a rule anymore, but I don't want to wear wigs or have bangs. I might consider getting bangs, but I definitely do not like wearing wigs (from my limited experience of wearing a wig). I don't think I will ever be a true ~lifestyle~ lolita who wears it everyday, but I want to wear more lolita in my everyday life, and wearing a wig feels costume-y to me. (Obviously this doesn't apply to other people who have to wear wigs for whatever reason, or wearing a wig is a more everyday thing to them. It's just not for me).

What's your cheapest coord? What's your most expensive coord?

I don't really keep track of how much my coords cost, so I'm not sure. I suppose some of the main pieces from Soufflesong would count as the cheapest ones.

How do you launder your dresses?

When I first started, I would hand wash everything in a bathtub with gentle soap, then roll in a towel to remove excess water and then hang to dry. I got lazy over the years, so now I use a delicates bag where I put the dress inside out, and wash/rinse in cold water, and then hang to dry. So far, nothing has become damaged from this. I have a few cotton dresses that need a little more work to keep them from getting too wrinkled, so I have a steamer.

Do you think a lolita wardrobe can ever be complete?

At one point, I had a mental checklist of "oh I want a berry dress and a cat dress and this and that and blah blah blah" but now I don't. I could probably not buy anything new for my wardrobe and be mostly content, but I also think I could make my coords cuter or find new ways to wear main pieces if only I had this or that thing. I do want to continue buying new pieces and shoes and blouses and things. So for me, I don't think a wardrobe can be 100% complete, but it's an evolving thing. I think a lot of other lolitas are like this too, where they buy things and then sell them after wearing them a few times or decide to go in a different direction with their style.

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