What is your lolita pet peeve?

Recently, it's seeing all the newbies who care more about being salty in Facebook tag groups over actually making coords. It's especially cringey when you recognize someone from a tag group posting their first coord to COF and it's obviously their first coord ever. I think a lot of it comes from new people worshipping Scarfing Scarves and her salty persona, and also from the idea that "lolitas are meanies!". They think that if they are sassy and salty, then they will be accepted as a ~true lolita~. I know I have definitely had moments of being extra salty about things, and I like to think I have calmed down a bit. There is absoutely a Dunning-Kruger effect going on.

Another pet peeve is when people say they are experts in lolita fashion because they have known about it for 10 years but still don't own a coord themselves. If you don't wear it yourself, it doesn't count.

If you could name the fashion anything else what would you call it?

It feels futile to rename the fashion. I've seen people try to rename it Tokyo Alice (but a lot of lolita isn't from Japan anymore...) or some variant on otome (the west uses 'otome' to describe a different fashion)(also I tried to tag things as a variety of otome alice/otona alice/alice kei but I think I may be the only one, plus not all lolita is specifically Alice themed either). EGL is commonly used when acousted by randoms, but that technically is just for gothic lolita and specifically Moitie. I've seen it suggested that we just switch to "Loli" to distance ourselves from the book, but now we would be closer to the anime weeb definition of loli, which is also not great (but Great Aunt Karen wouldn't know about that.)

As a joke, I started mispelling lolita as "loloto" when I wanted to make fun of people who were dumb newbies ("UWU LOLOTOS ARE LUVLIES!!!111!!") and this is sticking a little bit, but I don't think it will seriously catch on. The word doesn't look as pretty as "lolita". I will be eternally entertained if it turns out that loloto catches on.

Is “oldschool” actually a useful term, or is it just an arbitrary descriptor for our conception of what lolita used to be, as opposed to what lolita actually was?

I think lolita styling has changed a lot from the 2000s to the 2010s, so I think "old school" is a good way to describe the way lolita looked in the 2000s and early 2010s. For the most part, I don't think old school lolita is fitting for me, but after the recent BTSSB contest with the Babydoll JSK, I kind of want to try wearing that dress.

What are thoughts on mixing other jfashions with lolita (ex. menhera-lolita, mori-lolita, fairy-lolita)?

I don't like it because it contributes to people trying to over-label their styles or break standard lolita rules while trying to still call their outfits lolita. The latter is mostly a complaint relating to newbies trying to experiment before they have the basics down. I prefer the approach of using lolita items in the other Jfashions and just say "this is whatever-Jfashion and I'm using an Angelic Pretty whatever".

What do you think about mixing drag with lolita?

Please no. First, I have to say that I am biased against drag makeup because I think it is ugly. But also, 9/10 examples of drag makeup in lolita looks weird. Drag makeup is very over the top and seems to lean more sexy, which is the opposite of lolita. I think if a drag queen understood the lolita aesthetic and wasn't just trying to be edgy and get attention, then they could find a way to make it work within the lolita aesthetic, but of the several drag queen lolitas I've seen, there is one that I know gets this.

What one lolita fad would you delete from existence?

I'm not sure there are any particular fads that I hate that much. I wasn't around for the split-color wigs or the demands that everyone wear wigs, but I don't care if people want to wear them. Is wearing lolita in a fursuit a fad? Make that go away.

What do you think will be a fad in the future?

I really like the current (ish) fad of some skirts being longer.

What's something you'd like to see change in the lolita community?

THIS IS A TOUGH QUESTION. The lolita community isn't a monolith so I have different changes I want to see for different parts. I wish some of the Facebook groups would be a little more strict as to who they let in and when you can break particular lolita rules instead of being okay with things like crocs and sneakers in OTT coords. I wish /cgl/ would get derailed less often by dumb offtopic things. I wish some newbies would be less entitled, as it's a (somewhat??) luxury hobby and so no one is obligated to give you your dream dress.

How do you feel about /cgl/?

It is complicated. I don't remember when I first went on there (there must have been something on Tumblr about how bad and evil it was so I got curious and checked it out, or Tumblr talked about how evil Behind-the-Bows was and then a comment there referenced /cgl/?) but I have lurked on there for awhile. There are a lot of mean people (who may or may not necessarily be lolitas) on there, but there is also a lot of very useful information on there as well. /cgl/ is how I found the discord (which ultimately was what helped me improve in lolita fashion the most) and also how to order from Taobao. I don't like how trolly things can get there, or when threads go wildly off topic. On the otherhand, some of the Facebook lolita groups can get too hugbox-y on the opposite end of the spectrum and can face the same issue of "not all these people actually wear lolita". I don't tell newbies to go lurk there, because of the meaner aspects, since I don't know who can handle it or not. Lurking there myself as a newbie definitely helped me learn a lot.

Do you hate Die Walkure?

No, I think I don't particularly care. I can understand people saying it reminds them of a Nazi uniform and that is why they don't like it. When I look at it, I just see a military uniform. Maybe I am just not versed enough in WW2 history and military uniforms (American High School in the 2000s generally ended around WW2). I looked up the hat and it has an eagle pin that is controversial, but if someone removes the pin, I don't see why people would still be mad. In the year 2020, I am more worried about neo-nazis and their ilk infilitrating parts of the US government and gaining positions of power over people rather than someone wearing edgy fashion from 2010.

Have you ever seriously considered leaving the fashion, and if so, why?

Yes. I don't really want to go into detail but I screwed up and lost some friends, and for awhile I thought it might be better to just stop since I associated them and the fashion so much. But I have many other lolita friends who are very important to me, and the hobby itself makes me so happy. I don't want to let people who don't like me to control my happiness. I am trying to be a better person now.