Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why bother with this site?
  2. I thought it would be nice to have a webpage to point newbies to when they ask "where do I buy loloto?!?!?" I borrowed heavily from the Lolita Tip's post on How to Buy Lolita Fashion but there are many outdated links on there as well. The original plan for this site was to link it to a series of posts in the Lolita Mentoring Discord, and maybe someday expand on it to be a full guide. However, I retired from modding/mentoring so I don't know what will become of this site now.

  3. What is loloto?
  4. A joke where I was too lazy to spell out lolita because I was focused on poking fun at some aspect of the fashion and/or fashion community.

  5. Why aren't lolotos lovelies?
  6. Meta Cats and Tulip Cat judging you


  7. Why does this website look like crap?
  8. I don't know html beyond the level of what I learned when I was 9 trying to make a website for my Neopet. Send help.